Construction Project Management, Move Management and Workplace Services are the breadth of our successful projects. Every project is different, which means all of our services are customized to you and your company. With our team’s personalized attention, every client engagement concludes with happy stakeholders and accomplished goals. Getting a new office is exciting and, although it’s hard work, we think the process should reflect that excitement.

Our team is prepared to offer the following services:

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Our project managers will act as your representative to make sure construction stays on budget and within your timeline. We’ll oversee the entire build of your new space, which includes managing the design and construction, as well as overseeing furniture, IT and security. We gather needs and then use our expertise to guide you towards solutions that will meet your needs.

The Bridge Group has experience doing lab spaces including life sciences, biotech labs, networking labs, and clean rooms. We also have expertise in-house to handle ground-up construction.

  • Weekly Meetings – We believe communication is key. Our weekly meetings help everyone stay on the same page throughout every phase of the process.
  • Digital Project Management– We provide access to a shared project folder and work with your contractor to upload weekly progress photos so you’re always informed.
  • Cost Control – Our proactive approach to budgeting ensure your budget expectations are met. If we discover that the design isn’t fitting within the budget, we can make adjustments early in the process, which keeps the project running on time. We’ve outlined our strategies on how to control construction costs on our blog.
  • Procurement Support – We’re based in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been working in this market for 20 years. As a result, we can make vendor recommendations based on previous positive experiences and who would be a good fit for your needs.
  • RFP Assistance – We’ve written hundreds of RFPs over the years and can provide scope descriptions and reviews of your standard RFP templates. Our team is happy to assist and provide support during the selection process.

The Bridge Group LLC, San Francisco, commercial project construction management, real estate services, facilities consulting, owner’s representative, move management
The Bridge Group LLC, San Francisco, commercial project construction management, real estate services, facilities consulting, owner’s representative

MOVE MANAGEMENT – One of the cornerstones of a successful move is detailed planning. We typically hold a Move Kick-Off meeting several months before the move where we’ll present our project plan. During the meeting, we’ll go line-by-line down the project plan to assign tasks and discuss issues that may not have been considered. It allows us to fully understand the project and put together a detailed schedule for what should be happening and when.

  • Move Organization – We’ll use our schedule to make sure nothing gets forgotten and that everyone involved is completing their responsibilities in a timely manner.
  • Employee Involvement – Communication is important to keeping employee morale high before, during and after the relocation process. The most important decisions that need to be announced to employees are the new location, when the move will be happening, and how they can prepare. Providing employees with this information early on helps them prepare for the move and is a great way to get them feeling involved in the process.
  • Post-Move Support – Any move, no matter how well-planned, is going to need post-move support. Problems crop up, like misplaced boxes, new drawers not working properly, or employees needing to find where their department’s file cabinets are being kept. Our project manager will be present on your first day of business in your new office to answer questions. We keep a punch list of all outstanding issues and make sure everything is resolved before leaving that day.

WORKPLACE SERVICES – It’s our job to ensure that your workplace functions at optimal capacity by integrating people, place, process, and technology. Our services in this area include, staff augmentation, consulting services, strategic planning, and facilities and workplace management software.

  • Workplace Services – We partner with companies to help them redefine their workplace strategy, increase workplace well-being, and meet design and sustainability goals to complement their people strategies and achieve business objectives. This includes sustainability programs, signage and wayfinding, employee experience, facilities management, strategic, tactical, and occupancy planning, IWMS and CAFM.
  • Consulting services – Our team can provide furniture consulting and MAC (Moves, Adds and Changes) management. We also offer facilities operations consulting and soft services, such as setting up and managing your cafe, janitorial, mail services, reception, landscaping, and more.
  • Strategic planning – Using CAD software, we can provide occupancy planning, design development and test fits including space planning for your new space.
  • Facilities and workplace management software – We can help you set up, implement and manage software tools like CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) and IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems.) These systems are designed to help in-house facilities management teams and corporate real estate departments save money by identifying inefficiencies.

The Bridge Group LLC, San Francisco, commercial project construction management, real estate services, facilities consulting, owner’s representative